Glacier NP -Montana-Southwest Alberta by Steven Shorr
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  2. Glacier NP -Montana-Southwest AlbertaGlacier NP -Montana-Southwest Alberta
At The National Bison Reserve Montana 21
Wolf Cubs
Air Shower Heads
At Wateron Lake
Cameron Falls-2
Cameron Falls-1
Dining at Prince of Wales
Southwest Alberta-4
Southwest Alberta-3
Southwest Alberta-2
US Canada Border from Waterton Lake
Spider Web at Goat Haunt, Montana
Cow Parsnip at Goat Haunt, Montana
Also known as Indian Celery.
Sawtooth Mountain Waterton Lake
Sunset-Wateron Lake-2
Sunset-Wateron Lake
On the Way to Bertha Falls
Beargrass on trail to Bertha Falls
Xerophyllum tenax is a grasslike perennial in the family Melanthiaceae, closely related to lilies. It is known by a few common names, including bear grass, squaw grass, soap grass, quip-quip, and Indian basket grass.
Bertha Falls-1
Bertha Falls-2
Southwest Alberta-1
Southwest Alberta 5
Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump-10
Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump-13-Edit
Bison at Waterton Park, Alberta, Canada
Bluebird of Happiness
Badgers at Work
Southwest Alberta 5
At Waterton Park
At Lake Mary A View of Gull Island 2
Glacier National Park 2
Mountain Goat-3
Glacier National Park-1
Going To The Sun Highway-2
River Glacier National Park
Making Tracks to Montana
Chillin at the Izaak Walton Hotel, Montana
Mountain Goats-4
Mountain Goats-1
Mountain Goats-2
Guarding the Blackfeet Indian Reservation
She's a Ten!
Many Glaciers
Can You Hear Me Now?
Swiftcurrent Creek at Many Glaciers
Swiftcurrent Creek at Many Glaciers 2
Got Milk!
At Saint Mary Lake A View of Gull Island
Saint Mary Lake
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