Indian Country 2013 by Steven Shorr
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Wupatki Monument-2
Wupatki Monument-3
Wupatki Monument-5
Wupatki Monument-7
Wupatki Monument-8
Balanced Rock Area- Arches NP-1
Balanced Rock Area- Arches NP-2
Coal Mine Canyon-2
Coal Mine Canyon-3
Coal Mine Canyon-5
Coal Mine Canyon-6
Colorado River-1
Dead Horse Point-1
Dead Horse Point-2
Dead Horse Point-4
Double Arch Area Arches NP-1
Double Arch Area Arches NP-2
Double Arch Area Arches NP-4
Enjoying A Sunset-1
Enjoying A Sunset-2
Fiery Furance Area Arches NP-2
Fiery Furance Area Arches NP-3
Fiery Furance Area Arches NP-6
Flagstaff at Night-1
Flagstaff at Night-3
Goose Neck-1
Hole in the Rock-1
Hole in the Rock-3
Hole in the Rock-4
Hole in the Rock-5
Hole in the Rock-6
Hole in the Rock-10
Hole in the Rock-11
Hole in the Rock-12
HopiLand Convoy-1
HopiLand Convoy-2
Indian Country 2013-677
Indian Country 2013-1598
Landscape Arch Area- Arches NP-1
Landscape Arch Area- Arches NP-3
little Painted Desert_Panorama1
Mesa Arch-1
Mesa Arch-2
Mesa Arch-6
Mesa Arch-7
Mesa Arch-9
Mesa Arch-12
Mewspaper Rock-1
Mexician Hat-4
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