Landscapes by Steven Shorr
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A Rol in the Grass
Alone on a Hill and Perfectly Still
Another Old Barn
Ballard Canyon Grazing
Fence in Ballard Canyon
CA HWY 46 Fence Post
CA HWY 46 Panorama
CA Hwy 46-Fence
Ballard Canyon
CA Hwy 46 Poppies
Idelyic Ballard Canyon
CA Hwy 46 Rolling Hills
Cherry Blossoms
Early Moonrise
Early Moonrise 2
Rolling Hills of Ballard Canyon
Scotland Landscape
Gardens of the World 1
Gardens of the World 2
Gardens of the World 3
Vibrant Garden 2
Vibrant Garden 1
Windwolves 3
Gardens of the World 4
Gardens of the World 5
Hearst Castle
Hillside Panorama
Japanese Gardens 1
Just Around The Bend in Ballard Canyon
Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve 1
Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve 2
Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve 3
Malibu Creek and Lagoon
Piuma Road Overlook 1
Piuma Road Overlook 2
Playing Hide and Seek in Ballard Canyon
Red Barn in Ballard Canyon
Springtime at Lake Balboa
Springtime at Lake Balboa 2
Tahquitz Peak Hike 1
Tahquitz Peak Hike 2
Tahquitz Peak Hike 3
Tahquitz Peak Hike 4
Tahquitz Peak Hike 5
Tahquitz Peak Hike 6
Tahquitz Peak Hike 7
Tahquitz Peak Hike 8
Tahquitz Peak Hike 9
Tuscan Castle 1
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